Paint Enhancement Correction

A chance to refresh your paint finish

How many steps of paint correction will you do?

Our principle is “Less is More."
Contrast that with the marketing-driven message that “More is Better.”

We operate differently, and we document your car’s journey in the shop. This is the best testimonial we can offer to our clients to prove that we are achieving the intended result within the established budget.

What can I expect from paint correction?

Paint correction is a significant improvement, but there’s a physical limit on how much we can correct. This is set by paint quality and defect depth severity.
A picture is worth a thousand words, so head over to the photos and see the difference for yourself.
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Sanding Mark
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Piano Pillar
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Paint Transfer
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Swirl Marks
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Removing paint imperfections using polish machines is the norm. To bring out the color’s true shine and gloss, different polishing machines and techniques are used. While customers frequently assume that polishing technique used is just routine, each car is different and requires individualized attention. We have vast experience with a wide range of brands and an impressive portfolio of cars demonstrating the resulting perfection.

Service Level

We can offer different levels of paint correction enhancement, depending on initial paint condition and customer expectation. Food for thought: not all paints can withstand a thorough correction process.

Our experience levels and techniques

We could go on and on about the 100+ items involved in our process to make your car look awesome. However, we don’t want to bore you with the details - we'd rather impress you with the final results. Our work will do the talking for our professionalism and craftsmanship. We may have not worked on every single car before, but our Portfolio is proof that we go the extra mile to learn each car so that we can offer the best possible level of service. Our positive attitude towards a challenge, along with our skillsets and a “Kaizen” methodology fuels our delivery of the best quality work for any project.

After Correction, what's next?

Correction done. What now?
We highly recommend an additional Protective Coating to maintain the new paint finish for a long time. Paint Protection Film will add yet another extra layer of protection depending on your budget.

Common Misunderstanding

Many people have preconceptions about paint correction and paint protection film. Proper maintenance is still required, so that our work doesn’t go to waste. We made an analogy earlier with performing your regular oil and filter maintenance, but we could take it a step further and compare this to brushing and flossing your teeth after a whitening treatment.

Before and After Demo

Before After

Our Technique Showcase

Imported Masking Tape from Japan dedicated for Polishing

1 of 4 End Tour

Dedicated Lighting Setup for Defect Inspection

2 of 4 End Tour

Use Masking Tape for Edge to prevent Edge burning

3 of 4 End Tour

Prevent damage of delicate trims and parts

4 of 4 End Tour

Level 1

Great Transformation to the Paint Condition – One-Step Polishing
Best Approach for Maximizing Results within Budget & Goals
A standard size vehicle with level 1 correction service would take us about 10 to 15 hours of work **There are a lot of variables to determine the correction level.
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Hybrid Correction

Combination of Multi-Stage Paint Correction on the upper surface area that most people focus on and Single-Stage Paint Correction on the lower section.
Most of our customer are satisfy with this service. the benefits from stepping up from Single Stage Paint Correction but they can save $ from going to the Multi Stage paint Correction Service.
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This service is for customers who are looking for the refined quality Paint Correction service from the shop
We will spend as much time as possible in polishing and correcting the imperfections / defects.
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Exquisite Service

Wondering what it is?
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Typical Process

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Process Documentation

As services and tasks are performed, we will keep you updated on the progress with pictures.

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Enjoy your Vehicle

Your vehicle will be protected and easier to maintain for years to come.

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