Ceramic Pro - Not your ordinary Paint Protection

Probably the brand that brought ceramic coating to the masses – Ceramic Pro is the most utilized brand in the US. We’re proud to have used it since before it gained its current popularity.

Ceramic Pro is simply the superior option in terms of protection, unlike any wax or sealant. It is a nano-ceramic coating that forms a Permanent Adhesion to the paint and can only be removed through abrasion.

Created with a pedigree of perfection, Ceramic Pro has amassed a wealth of intricate formulations that every chemical engineer would love to get their hands on and every master detailer craves after.

Ceramic Pro can only be applied by Approved Applicators. It has been officially tested by SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. We are proud to have been an installer for Ceramic Pro for the past 5 years.

Ceramic Pro 9H is a permanent nanoceramic protective paint coating. Its transparent 3D matrix structure protects the paint or surface from graffiti, dirt, aging, premature oxidation, weathering, road salt, bugs, bird droppings and even acid rain. It offers excellent thermal (1382 degrees), UV, oxidation, corrosion and chemical resistance. A surface that has been sealed with Ceramic Pro 9H stays clean for a longer period of time due to its smoothness and hydrophobic qualities. Ceramic Pro 9H is permanent and can only be removed using machine polish. The unique formulation of 9H has enabled it to be multi-layered which means the thickness of the coating can be increased with additional layers allowing a thicker/harder film.

The shine from this product is not comparable to any other product on the market. It has to be seen in real life.

When you talk about surfaces being hydrophobic, you often talk about the water contact angle. The higher the angle, the less dirt or liquid that will attach to the surface.

The coating has high resistance against the damaging contaminants and harsh chemicals that a car can be exposed to. The car will stay protected.

Bare metal will oxidize and painted surfaces will not. Ceramic Pro´s protective coat protects the paint and the metal from getting in contact with water and oxygen.

The coat will not be affected at temperatures under 1400° Fahrenheit.

Silkoxid, which is used in sun block, is also used in Ceramic Pro’s products. The UV protection keeps the paint, rubber and plastic from aging.

Ceramic Pro has been officially tested and certified by “SGS”. SGS is the world’s largest and leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company trusted by millions.

Ceramic Pro is constantly tested to ensure it meets the highest standards.


Gloss Level – High (depends on substrate)
Viscosity #2 Zahn Cup – 12~14 seconds
5% Salt Spray (ASTM B117) – 350 hrs
Pencil Hardness (JIS 5400) – Above 9H
Adhesion Cross-Cut Tape (ASTM D3359) – 5b (no coating loss)
Mandrel Bend (ASTM D522) – 0 mm coating loss at 180° rotation
Impact (ASTM D2794) – 80/80 inch-lbs

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